Using essential oils is a great tool to add to anyone's health and wellness regimen.  But there is a lot of bad information being given by salespeople, Pinterest, and those who believe anything on the internet.  I strive to educate myself, so that I can pass that knowledge on to my clients.  


I have been working on aromatherapy certifications over the last few years.  With this pamphlet, I give you the beginning basics to essential oils.  Even if you are an experienced user, it may be time to take extra caution with health changes in today's world.  Enjoy a 10% discount on any oil purchase with this education!


Please consult with your physicians before taking on any essential oil use. 

Proceeds from this pamphlet supports my continuing education. 

Sources I use for this information:  Harmony Life Reiki, Aroma International, Edens Garden & Tisserand.  

Top Rules of Essential Oils


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