This is an example of our Luxury Set of press on temporary nails.  

A Luxury Set includes 20 nail tips, 2 of each size available, with your choice of solid gel color plus 4 accent nails. It also includes an orangewood stick, alcohol wipes, lint free wipes, glue, nail file and buffer, as well as application and removal instructions.  *Video will be made soon!


Shapes currently include short square (pictured using Coral Crush), medium length square, and short stiletto. Color can be determined with a consultation.  We are using all gel polishes, so that gives you 120+ to choose from! Medium coffin length coming soon!


Nail art changes the price of these sets depending on details.

$45 is simple art on all 4 tips: glitter, glitter or solid ombre, chrome, chrome ombre, single stamp, marble of 3 colors, pressed foils.

$55 is layered art on 4 tips: combine 2 of the simple art techniques, ex. chrome with a stamp, glitter ombre with foil press.

$65+ is any custom art design including jewels or hand painting.  Pinterst inspiration and consultation is needed prior to ordering.


Sizes are determined by measuring your nail plate in millimeters using a soft measuring tape.  For measuring instructions, consult with Adrienne and see additional photos above.





How long will these last?

Keep in mind, these are flexible tips, NOT ACRYLIC.  Depending on how well you prep your natural nail, how much glue is used, and maintenance and care given after application, they can last on average 7-12 days, however some may stay up to 2.5 weeks!  They are reusable with proper removal, and you can order replacements in sets of 6 if they snap, tear or break.


How do I know my size?

Instructions will be sent to you once an order is placed.  You will need either a soft measuring tape with mm, or a piece of regular tape and a ruler with mm.  Once you have been sized, we will keep the measurements on file.


How long before I receive my order?

On average, custom orders are currently taking 3-5 days.  We are doing porch delivery on Mondays and Fridays or sending them by mail out of town on Mondays.  Detailed art sets may take longer to complete. 


What is your return/cancellation policy?

Once an order has begun to be processed, you may not cancel or make color changes.  It is the customers responsibility to provide correct measurements.  Contact us if advice is needed for application.  Due to hygiene, no nails may be returned.  We are not responsible for self-inflicted nail damage due to improper prep, improper application, or improper removal.  Please follow instructions step by step for best results.



Luxury Set Press On Nails