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Winter Weather continues! Ick!

January has been a mess! Between Covid, flu and other illness cancellations, my family's own health conflicts, plus snow and ice and power outages... the books have been topsy-turvy. If you have been lost in this shuffle of cancelling and rescheduling, I sincerely apologize. However, if you have not contacted me to follow up and are waiting to hear from me, well, I wouldn't stay silent. Please reach out so we can get your nail and footcare back on track! I have over 100 people on a schedule rotation, and all of the wrenches thrown into the machine this month have been overwhelming for everyone.

With the weather this weekend, and more expected to come next month, my policy is if it occurs during the week, and Wake county schools close, then I am also closed. If it occurs on a weekend, I follow the hourly predictions closely and try to put a delayed start to the day in place, so things have time to thaw and clear, as well as contacting everyone on the schedule for the day to see how you feel about being out and about. Then we will adjust and go from there. I am a Florida girl, living off of treacherous back country roads. I know my driving and risk limits, and will never risk my own safety or that of a client in poor conditions.

Please feel free to message or chat with me if you have an upcoming appointment that may be impacted by weather. Also, did you know that you can log into the scheduling system, look at your profile, and see your upcoming appointments? By using the link below, the Client Mobile App allows you to book and manage appointments, classes, and packages and subscriptions. If you need help, please let me know.

Stay safe and warm this weekend! I appreciate all of you and your patience when these things inevitably come around.


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