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We are Phase 2...But we can help with your at home care routines!

We do not have a date set to reopen yet, however I am trying to prepare. The appointment book is completely blank, and I will not be holding standing appointments through the summer due to having to space people out for sanitary purposes. I am, however, compiling a wait list in anticipation of a reopen date before June!  The attachment below is our updated customer profile.  PLEASE fill it out to reserve your wait list spot!  Once I receive all updated customer profiles, I will be starting to contact everyone so we can update credit cards on file, discuss the service menu changes and our new social distancing policies.  The service menu has been completely overhauled, including price changes necessary to cover rising costs of PPE and disinfectants.  Please look at those changes here.  Pedicures will get priority the first 2 weeks we are open due to people with foot issues need help asap, and then we will add in nail care. I will be available at the salon today and Thursday for product pick ups and Mother's Day sets for sale.  Check out our products for sale locally and those shipped direct from our distributor.  Text me if you need a home care consultation!  Gift certificates are not available at this time, for fear we will not be able to fulfill them all.

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