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The Pumpkin Peel Pedi returns! Plus some more treats coming soon...

Autumn is arriving early at Lush Nail Lounge! Tomorrow, I will be changing up scents of your favorite Spa Pedicure to Almond Cookie Delight, a sweet blend of almond and oatmeal that smells like a fresh Italian Wedding cookie. Yummmm! Also, our fan favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Pedicure returns! I have a limited number of pumpkin kits and enzyme treatment to soften those barefoot summer heels. Our most popular seasonal treat, the pumpkin spice pedicure is made with Pumpkin Extract that contains fruit enzymes to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells and Vitamin A, C and E to help smooth, revive dullness and reveal radiant skin!  We add an additional pumpkin enzyme peel treatment to tackle dry skin from summer.  All ingredients are vegan, organic, and certified clean & green beauty.

So what's new? The Viral Defense Essential Pedicure, which can be done with a foot soak or dry with warm towels and booties, uses essential oils such as tangerine, lavender, thyme, and oregano to appeals to the senses and address inflammation, mood, and more.  As a dry pedicure, we use a series of skin softeners with warm towels and heated booties to get the job done.  As a soaking pedicure, a softening blend of salts with lactic acid and oils softens and relaxes.  Toenail care plus an added focus on cuticle build up, dry heels, calluses, exfoliating mask, hot towels, and massage using our specialty line of European healing products.  This is a custom pedicure which addresses any issues you may have with your feet.  We highly recommend this as a dry pedicure for those who have compromised immune systems, diabetes, or circulation issues.

Speaking of essential oils, diabetic care, and dry feet, I am currently working on bringing some new items to Lush Nail Lounge before the leaves change. Over the shutdown, I took many classes and certifications. Some of those included an updated diabetic certification and aromatherapy. I intend to have available some amazing oils soon, as well as safety information for essential oil users of all levels. For those who are still staying home, but need foot care, I will be putting together an at home presentation for purchase online, that includes a personal video or phone consultation, plus an at home kit of top quality foot care products mailed direct to your door. Finally, by request, I have found an at home foot peel kit that will be available for sale soon! I have pre-ordered a few and am waiting for the product release from the company September 15th. These kits will be introduced to you at a pre-order discount of $9.50 (reg. $15), until September 30th. Of course, your regular favorites are always available in store anytime, as well as shopping online. Skip the over priced, expired, and fake beauty items on Amazon, and help support local.

Thank you all for your support these past few months! I am available for services with limited hours, still at 50% capacity, mainly Friday through Monday. As flu season approaches, we will continue to be vigilant with temperature checks, wearing clean, well fitted masks, and using lots of soap and hand sanitizer. PLEASE, if you have been exposed to COVID-19, or suddenly do not feel well, DO NOT come in for an appointment. I appreciate your understanding with this trying time, and hope you all remain healthy and safe.

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