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Staying Trendy in Quarantine

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Husbands are home (bless their bosses and co-workers), kids are home (bless their teachers), and the pets are wondering when we are going to leave so they can take their 10 hour nap!  On top of cleaning and disinfecting so our families don't become ill, keeping our cool at the stores, and learning how to home school, we have had a lot to deal with! 

Are you hiding in your room or bathroom to do some self care?  Are you sticking with a routine, doing some meditation or reading, and completing some exercise just for you?  You should do all these things for your mental health.  Even if it is just 15 minutes alone in the sun with a coffee or a cocktail (I like to combine my cocktail and my coffee, fyi).  

Although the current nail trend is short and au natural, they still need some maintenance.  Your poor feet need help too!  I am here to answer any questions and do consultations for home solutions.  Or if you want to video chat, let me know!  I am running out of projects I want to do, and avoiding those that can wait.

Lately I have had a lot of questions about re-opening and scheduling.  Currently, I have standing appointments through May.  I will not be doing any additional scheduling until we have a reopen date.  Those appointments that are on the book for May are going to need more than maintenance, so the starting times and length of service is going to have to change.  I am also taking this opportunity to revamp my service menu and business completely.  I know, you are shocked, lol.  But, in order to survive, changes need to be made.  And although I have always gone above the standard for current disinfection levels, I found a more effective product that I am excited to use.  It's not scented, safe for use around anyone who may be chemical sensitive, and it also is NASA approved,and used on the space station, which is just cool!  I will be slowly posting all of my new certifications and changes on social media, as well as updating you all through email once we know more about coming back together. 

Check out the new selection of press on nails I am starting to produce if you need some glam in your life.  All of these will be produced as orders come in through our website.  

Until then, seriously, text me and let's chat!   


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