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Sleek, Clean & Sexy

These words can be used to describe so many things. But I want to use them today to describe three things: our new website, our signature nail style, and our clientele.

As we go through some changes in business, we are also going through a social media overhaul. Trying to convey what we are all about in 3 seconds on an Instagram post or Google search seems impossible, but a challenge nonetheless. So I think sleek, clean & sexy describes us perfectly. We are streamlining our pages to be lighter, brighter and sleek. Clean describes not only our environment that we choose to keep above standard, but also how we perform services with properly sanitized tools, products that are not exposed to contamination, and the ultimate look of the finished product. we rally have to explain that one? It describes our staff, our guests, and our nail style.

So as we strive to change our social media image, we need help from you, our followers! Don't just like a post, LOVE it, SHARE it, or TAG A FRIEND in the comments. That is the BEST promotion we can receive! Plus, did you know that with a referral, you get 20% off your next service and they also receive 20% off when they return? We don't know how long that offer will last because space on the appointment book is limited. But if you were to refer 5 friends before the end of the year, your discount would equal a free service! And isn't that sexy??

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