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Please allow for traffic, construction, and strive to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time, so you may use the restroom if needed, wash your hands, choose a color, and get comfy. As a courtesy to others, late arrivals will only receive what can be completed in the time left for the scheduled service at full service price. After 20 minutes into your scheduled time, you are considered late, and may not be serviced, but may still be charged the missed appointment fee of $25 or forfeit your deposit.


- Masks are once again REQUIRED in my studio. I will continue to wear one for all services. THIS MAY CHANGE IF NUMBERS DECREASE!!

- Please come in and back to my suite #44 when you arrive.

- Appointments for one person at a time, no kids or extra guests allowed.

-No drinks are served, however you may bring a water or coffee to a PEDICURE appointment.

-Cell phones are not allowed to be used at the nail table during services to eliminate cross contamination. Please silence them and put away!!

-If you have been taking care for anyone with flu-like symptoms, have been sick in the last few days, or are just not feeling well, stay home. You MUST reschedule for at least 7 to 10 days from being ill.

I appreciate all of my clients support during this time. The Covid fatigue is really bringing us down, but working as a team is the only way to get through this!! Be safe.


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