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Open for business, but with limits...let me explain. (WARNING: Rant Ahead)

On May 24, 2020, I reopened for services. However, all businesses that are open have limits, and I do not think everyone understands. In order to remain open, we must follow some guidelines for customer safety, as well as the health and safety of staff. Those guidelines are:

  • Wearing a face covering.

  • Waiting in your car to be escorted into the building.

  • Having your temperature taken.

  • Washing hands before services.

  • Keeping social distance as much as possible inside the salon.

We also have the restrictions in place set by Governor Cooper regarding 50% capacity, which I think is misunderstood by the general public. What that means is that if the fire marshall says we are allowed 24 people in the salon as MAXIMUM capacity, then our goal is to only have 12 people in the business at one time. NOT 12 customers, 12 TOTAL, including your service providers and staff! Some days that is easier than others, and we as a group have worked hard to stagger schedules to accommodate everyone who needs to work and make money, as well as to accommodate customers.

In the nail department, Magaly and I have also had to stagger our pedicure services to be done on certain days. The pedicure chairs are four feet apart, not 6, and with viruses having the possibility to transmit through skin shed, extra precaution is being taken in that area. This is all new protocol for a virus that is unknown and unpredictable.

So what does that all mean? Since we have to escort people in and out of the building, and take temperatures, our appointments are spaced out an extra 10 minutes. With the staggering of work schedules, I am now seeing about 4 to 5 customers per day Friday through Monday, and alternating Tuesdays/Wednesdays, about 28 hours per week. Back in January, I was seeing 7 to 8 people a day, Tuesday through Saturday, about 45 hours per week. It is costing me more money to make less money. People at Target now make more than I do some weeks.

So let's get real...

I have always been transparent and flexible. Now it is very difficult to be flexible. So for all of those who are complaining about wearing a face mask for an hour (I wear mine 6 to 8 hours), not thoroughly washing hands WHILE I AM WATCHING, and getting nasty by text in all caps when my book is full, I do not know what to tell you except that there are plenty of other salons who are not cleaning and using plastic shields and tub liners for a false sense of safety that will take your money. I will not risk my health for nails, Karen. I use top dollar products and cleaning supplies, and do everything as instructed. If you can not appreciate that during this time, please go somewhere else. If you do appreciate everything I do, then just say thank you when we are enjoying your next pamper session.

I truly do appreciate all of my loyal clients and friends. And this was not a rant aimed at you...


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Jul 13, 2020

I LOVE your salon. You and Maggie are awesome. Thank you for going above and beyond to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Sandy Miller
Sandy Miller
Jul 11, 2020

This post is one of the reasons I love you, Maggie, and your salon!

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