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Kicking Off 2022

I literally have no idea how this past year flew by! Lush Nail Lounge moved location back to Cary in March of 2021, and I have been so grateful for all of the support from the clients that have followed, and the new guests that have come in for a visit. Thank you!

Changes for 2022With the necessary pivots in this business this past year, I have felt the need to make changes to my policies and boundaries for 2022. Some of you will be slightly affected, and some will not notice any difference at all.

- Price Changes & Implementing a No Tipping Policy:

Beginning January 1, 2022, prices will increase slightly. To offset these price changes, I will no longer accept gratuities as my pricing is carefully structured for my business so it’s not necessary. I always appreciate the sentiment very much and appreciate your thoughtfulness! As a result of these changes, some of you may pay less, some may pay more, but in my calculations, most will stay right about the same. In lieu of tipping, I would rather you purchase home care products in the studio or on my website, or write an online review of your services on Facebook, Google or Yelp. I know some of you will insist in continuing to tip, so please be prepared with cash or opt to Venmo me personally, as the option to do this on your card will not be available.

- As a reminder, when you reserve an appointment with me, you are agreeing to the minimum service price for that appointment, with the understanding that pricing is on an “and up” basis. Sometimes things such as extra treatments, specialty products or repairs are added because they were not originally scheduled.

- Nail art must be scheduled and varies in price. If your reminder does not include nail art, please text me with the request and a picture of what you would like so that I may adjust timing and/or let you know what is or is not possible.


- I reserve the right to charge you in full for service or reschedule with a late arrival/no show fee, which is payment in full for the time that was reserved as I would be unable to fill that spot. Cancellations must be done by phone call or text. No email or social media messages are accepted, as I do not check these daily.

- All appointments must have a valid credit card on file or a deposit paid up front. I will be updating cards on file at all appointments in January.

-After Hours Appointments

I offer this for the rare occasion that someone is really wanting to get in at the very last minute and/or they can’t adjust their own schedule to make an appointment during my normal business hours. I take into consideration in my pricing while adding hours onto my already full schedule and taking time away from my rest and recovery for the following day, as well as family time. My policies and pricing are non-negotiable, so if you are willing to work within my boundaries, I would absolutely be able to accommodate you.

After hours appointments will have a $25 fee added to the total.

My business hours for 2022 are as follows:

Monday 10am – 6pm

Tuesday 10am – 7pm

Wednesday 9am – 7pm

Thursday Closed

Friday 9am – 6pm

Saturday 9am – 2pm

Sunday Closed


Thank you for understanding and valuing my small business by working with me as I continually make tweaks and adjustments that align with my commitment to have a business that honors my amazing clients, my physical and mental health, and my family as I create something sustainable for all of us. I will post last minute opportunities, if any come up, on Instagram and Facebook.

It is difficult to set aside emotions, because I care about each of you and know we all have things we are going through. Lush Nail Lounge is my passion, my brand, and how I earn a living. With inflation and supply shortages, this is a business, and I have to adapt in order to make it another 10 years, while ensuring my time and skill are respected. I appreciate all of the continued love and support!


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