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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

So let's discuss how to communicate with me at Lush Nail Lounge. (Yes, there has been some confusion.)

1. Please save the salon cell phone number in your phone! 919-526-0335 This is the only number I have access to during business hours. Reminders come from my scheduling service which are ghost numbers. I have no idea what happens when you call them.

2. The salon phone number MUST be called or texted for appointments, changes, cancellations or any other inquiries. I will reply within 24 hours, but I do not answer the phone when I have a guest in front of me. Leave a voicemail or text, please!

3. I only respond during BUSINESS HOURS, not at 7 am or 11 pm. The studio is closed Thursdays and Sundays.

4. Email is only checked once or twice a week. Sorry! See #1 and #2.

5. Social media messages and comments are almost never checked. Most professionals (doctors, dentists, executives

) do not accept appointments or inquiries this way. See #1 and #2.

Business Hours

Mon 9-4

Tues & Wed 9-7


Fri & Sat 9-4


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