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Edge file w/cuticle oil

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Our edge file is perfect for filing your nails without cutting your skin. Can be cleaned with soap and water and stored safely in it's plastic holder. Also includes our roll on nail oil to keep your cuticles hydrated. (3 colors available-shippers choice)

Our 3-Phase Nail Oils have been one of the top-selling nail care products for several years! All around the world, our customers have coveted these easy-to-use roll-on oils for their yummy scent and their amazing care results.

These beautifully triple layered oils pack a powerful combination of super nourishing ingredients. See the visible difference! Achieve stronger, healthier nails – just massage your nails every evening with any of these three oils before going to sleep and see what a difference they make! For even faster results, keep these handy rollers in your purse or car and use throughout the day.
This stylish roll-on bottle containing a miracle oil for nail plates and cuticles offers hope for brittle and stressed cuticles. Just roll it on and let the valuable extracts from rose oil and grape kernel oil soak in. Contains vitamins, panthenol and rose oil and grape kernel oil. Shake well before use.
3-Phase Nail Oil "green" – contains rose hip (omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids) for extremely stressed nails
3-Phase Nail Oil "red" – contains rose oil and grape seed oil (anti-inflammatory, tissue regenerator, antioxidative)
3-Phase Nail Oil "blue" – contains wild rose ("Elixir of Youth") and vitamins (hydration & regeneration via omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta-carotene (Vitamin B))

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