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Anti-Fungal Bundle

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No visit to the swimming pool or sports bag should be without Mykosept! Save 10% when ordered in the bundle vs individually.

Mykosept is applied to the spaces between the toes and on the nails after showering, bathing or swimming. Nourishes and protects from external influences with bisabolol and panthenol. Fermented rye consists of acids with an antimycotic and antiseptic effect.

LCN Mykosept contains Lactobaccilus for the treatment of nail fungus. Available in drops or spray.

Used 1-2x daily will show substantial results in the death of fungus. Use daily for maintenance care once completely gone.

Our new secret weapon in our Mykosept family – this new Foot Foam has been developed especially for dry and stressed skin. The result: the skin on feet will appear more supple, smoother and with more elasticity.

This ultra light texture is absorbed very quickly and does not leave an oily residue on the skin. Based on the special formulation, this foam is easily absorbs into the skin and protects it like an invisible sock. Mykosept Foot Foam has light sweet honey fragrance and is perfect for home care.


At home: apply onto affected skin areas 2x day (mornings and nights) or as needed.

Shake product before use and spray onto feet and legs holding container upright.

Active Ingredients

5% Urea: binds the water in the skin and therefore increases the moisture content. Urea offers a natural protection and will bring the skin back into balance.

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