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Frequently Asked Question

Why do I need an appointment?
We can occasionally take walk-ins, however, we mostly work by appointments.  We are unlike other salons in the area, and when we make an appointment, we reserve that time just for you, and no one else.   Please call ahead to see if we have availability if you must be a walk in guest. 

How do I make an appointment?
Reservations may be made through our online scheduling system or by phone.   All reservations require a credit card to hold that slot especially for you. We do not keep or have access to any of that information.  If you prefer to not give that information, we welcome you as a walk in guest.  Call or text to see what time walk in services can be accommodated that day.  
*We do not accept appointment requests by social media or email, as we do not check these pages often.  

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask for 24 hours advance notice for cancellations. We realize that life happens, as we also have been ill last minute and have family emergencies. We do our best to send automatic reminders to you, however sometimes those do fail.  It is your responsibility to know  your appointment schedule.  When a client does not show up without notice,  unfortunately our staff loses an opportunity to serve another guest, as well as income for that time period.  We accept cancellations by calls/text on the salon phone only, not social media or email.  

Our policy is:
  • First no show/ late cancellation:  we understand, life happens.  However, we were expecting you, so a $25 fee may be required before you may book another reservation. 
  • Second no show/ late cancel:  We are sorry you couldn't be here, however we need to pay our artists, so a $25 fee must be paid. 
  • Third no show/late cancel:  A walk in appointment or calling that day you need to come in may work better for your needs.  Before you may reschedule this reservation, 100% of this appointment will need to be paid to the salon. 
If our staff has a last minute emergency, and we cannot move your appointment to another service provider, you will receive a 20% discount.  We appreciate your support in making our business a success!

Appointment Expectations
Please arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled time, so you may choose a color, get a beverage, and get comfy.  As a courtesy to others, late arrivals will only receive what can be completed in the time left for the scheduled service at full service price.  After 15 minutes into your scheduled time, you are considered late, and may not be serviced, but may still be charged a missed appointment fee. 

What is your policy on children and pets  in the treatment area?
We love all of our children, human and furry, but for safety reasons and insurances purposes, any child under the age of 10 is not permitted in the salon unless they are receiving a service. There are many hazards, such as various chemicals, glass, candles, and sharp objects that might be a danger.  We cannot guarantee their safety.  This is your time to relax, and other guests are doing the same, so your understanding is greatly appreciated! Service animals MUST have the appropriate information accompanying them.

What if I don't know what type of treatment my nails or skin need?
Please call or stop by for a consultation, so we can ensure you receive the appropriate service recommendation.  If you have a skin or nail condition, we can sometimes answer questions by phone if you are able text us a photo.

Our first priority is to ensure the health and happiness of your hands and feet!  Sanitation standards set by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts are followed 100%.  All instruments are disinfected after each use, all disposable items discarded properly.  All tables and pedicure tubs are thoroughly disinfected in between each use.  No products contain MMA.  Any breakdown in service due to product failure will be cheerfully repaired, removed or replaced.  Our work over another salon’s products (acrylic/gel) cannot be guaranteed.   Home maintenance and salon visit recommendations must be observed by the client for enhancements to remain in place. 

We also reserve the right to refuse services on unhealthy skin or nails.  By the policies of the NC State Board of Cosmetic Arts, we are only allowed to work on healthy, intact nails and skin.  If there is any sign of infection, open cuts, skin rash or major bruising, we cannot work on you.  If you question what is going on, please contact us by phone or text 24 hours before your appointment.  Service refusal falls into the same category of not showing up for an appointment, and you may need to pay your nail artist for the missed service.  

Other FAQ's

Gift Certificates are available for purchase in the studio and online here.

Referral Rewards  
If you refer a new client, she receives $5 off her initial service, and you receive a $10 gift certificate by email to use towards any service or product! After you give 3 referrals, you get a service for FREE!

Elite Guests 
We offer standing appointments in 1, 2, 3, or 4 week intervals.  Clients with a standing appointment receive valuable benefits such as scheduling priority and a 10% discount towards take home products and gifts.
Payments accepted are prepaid gift certificates, cash, debit and credit cards. Payment is required at time of service.   We no longer accept checks.  New guests must reserve their spot with a valid credit card.

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